Non-Fried sabudana Vada

Non-Fried sabudana Vada

An easy to make non-fried sabudana vada recipe using the aebleskiver (appe) pan! This is delicious and makes a perfect appetizer for fasting days or otherwise.

- Sabudana - Potatoes - Peanut Powder - Ginger Chili - Spices - Oil

Main Ingredients

Wash and soak the sabudana. Keep ready.

In a bowl add sabudana, potatoes, ginger chili paste, spices and lemon juice.

Mix and mash using a potato masher or palms.

Divide into 22-23 equal size balls. Set aside.

Heat an aebleskiver (appe) pan and add oil to all the cavities.

Add a sabudana vada in each cavity and cook them for 5-6 minutes.

Cook on all sides till crisp and remove.

 Serve with cilantro chutney.