Chinese seaweed salad

Chinese seaweed salad

This Chinese Seaweed Salad is umami, full of flavor and perfect as a side for any meal. Enjoy with a main dish or simply dig into this for a flavorful snack or light meal.

- Kelp Noodles - Spices - Aromatics - Sauces - Sesame Seeds - Oil

Main Ingredients

Remove kelp from the box and wash in water to remove excess salt.

Boil the seaweed  till it is completely cooked (18-20 minutes).

Drain the seaweed and set aside.

Bring oil to a boil and add Sichuan peppers.

Add the hot oil to ginger, garlic and scallions.

Add the seasonings, cilantro and sesame to seaweed.

Add the tempered aromatics and mix well.

Enjoy the salad!