Sukhdi  (gud papdi)

Sukhdi  (gud papdi)

Made with just three essential ingredients; Sukhdi or Gudpapdi is a popular Gujarati sweet. Melt in the mouth, perfectly sweet and flavorful, these cubes of flour are so simple and quick and easy to put together.

- Flour - Jaggery - Ghee

Main Ingredients

Add ghee to a thick pan and heat it.

Add wheat flour to the ghee and cook on medium flame.

Cook the flour till it roasts well.

Remove from flame and let the mix cool for a bit.

Add in jaggery.

Mix everything well till the jaggery melts.

Transfer to a sheet pan lined with parchment paper.

Spread the sukhdi well and add slivered nuts on top.

Cut into pieces and serve or transfer to an airtight container.